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  • Kiki
    I'm 34 years old. Since then, gained weight, cannot lose weight any case. Work, Husband, Children. After 12 to sleep, get up at six o'clock in the morning. Constantly lack of sleep, night-time overeating. The result of course Reduslim – minus 13 kg, without any effort. I feel absolutely rejuvenated, joyful and lively person!
  • Andi
    In the 38 years not meant that it's still possible to lose weight so easily and quickly. Without diets, and violence against themselves. Reduslim works perfectly! For a course reduslim I threw more than 15 kg, the volume dropped by 2 sizes! Very soon I will wear it with his son a clothing.
  • Intan
    I was always inclined to obesity. Nothing concrete I have not accepted, slender, to 40 years into cardiology. There, the doctor expressed the cause of my problems. And I decided to your weight, to see very curious to see how the children grow. I don't want to describe their way, but I will say that it is only thanks to reduslim it managed to me bring your weight in order.
  • Irma
    Bought these pills at the end of September. The result is — has already lost 5 kg. As for me, as a pretty good remedy for weight loss. The price, if you are out on the course, not so great.
  • Yuliana
    After the birth, I put on weight. Here is the Reduslim according to the instructions, without any physical effort. The capsules have an unpleasant taste and smell, easily around. The appetite was not greatly lost weight slowly at first, in 2 weeks, only 4 kg of weight Then started to go as fast as possible, for 3.5 weeks, lasted, 8 kg, was slimmer in the waist and the hips.
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